We Build Traffic, Leads & Sales! Proven Profitable Online Marketing Success Since 1996

Software Development & Sales

We create unique solutions for a wide range of industries that get results! Including leading SEO, PPC & Social Media marketing solutions.

Highly Targeted Traffic & Lead Acquisition

Our proprietary in-house solutions fuel third-party and our own exclusive networks focused on a wide-range of verticals and demographics.

Robust Proven Sales Strategies

Need sales? Need unique solutions? Our traffic channels and constantly growing networks of highly-targeted English speaking markets get results.

Launching You Into Social Media Success!

Harness the power of social media to grow your business with Social Media Marketing.

Reach new customers that are eager to buy, while decreasing marketing costs with Facebook Management.

Stand out from the crowd and increase brand recognition with our custom Social Strategy.

Take our Social Strategy into your own hands with our Social Media Training.

Custom designed Facebook pages and websites to help you stand out.

Facebook Applications designed to grow your email list or showcase your products.
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Leading Technology Our dedicated in-house research and development team builds success

We don’t outsource and we don’t work for hire either. We fund all our R&D ourselves from our own marketing efforts. Our search engine marketing and all other online traffic acquisition is the result of our own team and we have dedicated experts assigned to all major platforms, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon and the rest.

  • Niche and broad-based markets and demographics.
  • Unique solutions specifically for markets we know we can monetize.
  • We get results, no matter what. Rinse, repeat, success.

We Deliver Sales

With conversion rates as high as 66%, we focus on quality, not quantity. Any moron can drive hoards of useless traffic online, only true experts can deliver results where it matters most, the bottom line.

The Perfect Fusion

We combine technology with the art of sales. While our competition speaks “boutique BS”, we get our hands dirty and know our sales craft too.

Targeted Acquistion

Combine the art of the sales persuasion, conversion and market savvy with the science of stats, analytics and ranking algorithm…And you’ll start to understand why and how we’ve been ‘making it happen’ for 20 years online.

Our Services

Web Designing Services

Web Hosting Services

Shopping Cart Integration

On Page SEO

Off Page SEO

Google Ranking Expertise

Payment Gateways Integration

Newsletter Designs

Email Marketing

Meet Our Management Team We'd be lost without everybody on the Avalon team who has our back but it pays to know who you're working with upfront...

Peter A. Wray

Peter A. Wray CEO

Former film producer, developer and marketing raconteur. Peter was exploiting and monetizing the web before it was called the web. As a Director of American Entertainment Group, Peter helped orchestrate strategic alliances between Bell Atlantic and Turner Broadcasting (CNN). He developed and was integral in the patents and eventual deployment of editable MPEG technology for broadcast video and motion pictures (Later acquired by Hewlett-Packard). As Vice President of Development he developed book search technology that was later acquired by Amazon.com. With more than 10 years in film and television production and more than 20 years of internet marketing and development, he has created and been behind some of the most famous and infamous internet success stories, generating more than 40 Million Dollars for his companies, clients and JV partners worldwide.

 Jessie Kost

Jessie Kost Facebook Ads Specialist

Jessie is a science geek who recently relocated halfway around the world to New Zealand from the U.S. Having been in the marketing realm for over 15 years, she's the secret weapon behind her clients' success, recently running a Facebook campaign for a client that generated $1.8M from only $5,000 in ad spend. She's taken part in projects that involved the founders of both Google and Amazon. For the last few years she’s been delving into businesses to find those sweet points that their prospects are searching online for. Jessie understands how those people tick and, most importantly, how to make it easy for them to find you.

Active Products

We develop our own products and offers, and we’ve created some of the most unique and eye-catching solutions online.

Sales Domains

 We manage our own in-house network of websites to attract a wide-range of highly-targeted traffic and audience types.

Segmented Lists

Our enthusiastic and ever growing lists of customers, leads and opt-ins are some of the most receptive and responsive customer groups anywhere.

We ARE The Art & Science Of Success

The Company We Keep We Work With The Best!

For more than 20 years, the Avalon Media Interactive team has helped shaped the internet. We’ve created and contributed the elements, methods and sales strategies you’re using online today and you likely don’t even know it. The first executable ‘electronic book’? Created and deployed by us in 1996. First live streaming video used for sales? It was us in 1997.  First national real estate network and first use of lead acquisition in advance of sharing IDX feed? US. First to market personal injury lawyers online? US. First use of animated banner ads for general market? US. First complete books and periodical database deployed online? US and our work was later acquired by a company you may have heard of, it’s called Amazon.

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